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    DIY Choker: 5 Stylish Chokers You Can Re-Create At Home…

    Shirley B.Niang (Photo credit Instagram @shirleybniang)

    So far, one of the fashion trends that reached its peak in 2016 and will definitely continue this year is the choker trend. It’s getting bigger and creative every day we wonder what will be the next trending choker style each month.

    From lace to denim chokers, we have spotted various type of choker trends on fashionistas around the world and still waiting to try some new ones this year. But, how do you keep up with a trend that keeps growing without breaking the bank? Well, Do It Yourself (DIY). DIY has become a trend on its own in the fashion world and here are our favourite choker still we believe are easy to re-create at home and most especially help you save more:

    DIY Essentials: Needle and Thread or Fabric glue, Sewing hooks and scissors

    1. Denim Choker: Make use of an old denim you no longer wear out (Ideal to cut off the  end of the sleeve)

    2. Ankara Choker: An Ankara fabric from your dress can be used as a matching choker to complete your look. Cut off enough Ankara to go round your neck and sew a sewing hooks to both ends

    3. Ribbon Choker: Cut out your ribbon from the roll (You can play around with different ribbon colours) and sew your hooks to each end

    4: Lace-Trim Choker: Get your lace trim in an open market for cheaper price and attach your hooks or sew a ribbon to tie a bow

    5. Shoe-lace Choker: This must be the easiest of them all. Get a shoe lace, preferably men shoe lace in black: it’s longer and slimmer

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