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    Detailed s*xual Fantasies Better Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

    Detailed s*xual Fantasies Better Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

    May 19, 2017

    Even if you think you’re not kinky, there’s a chance your brain might be. And when it comes to getting turned on and orgasming, our brains deserve more credit than they often get.
    Not only are s*xual fantasies totally normal, but they allow us to explore our se*uality in a space that’s super safe: our imaginations. For couples in long-term relationships, sharing s*xual fantasies with one another can renew excitement, writes certified s*x therapist Marty Klein in an article about er*tic role-playing. But whether they’re shared with a partner or kept in mind for solo pleasure, s*xual fantasies can be pretty fantastic.
    While some fantasies — such as having s*x in a romantic or unexpected location — are fairly common, others are completely random or personal. Whatever your s*xual fantasy is, though, it’s probably not as out-of-the-ordinary as you might think.
    To give you a peek into what actual people are fantasizing about (because who isn’t wondering, right?), we asked readers and R29 staffers to anonymously share their go-to s*xual fantasy. So read on and dream on, y’all.

    “Being pushed up against a wall. Not necessarily to have s*x, just shoved up against a wall and made out with. Out of passion, not anger. A little bit of kink. Maybe some handcuffs, a little bit of rope, some extra language.

    To have a girl eat me out while my boyfriend f**ks her. They are in doggy-style while I am on my back watching.”

    “I want to have s*x in a two-way mirror box in a busy public place, so that me and my partner can see outwards, but everybody else just sees a mirrored box.”

    “I’m training in the gym with a group of people, doing some kickboxing, stuff like that. The teacher and I stay back while everyone leaves and he tells me how to fix my technique (mind you we’ve spent months of flirting, quick looks during stretches, him praising my improvement and so on). Then suddenly we start sparring. It kind of turns into wrestling, maybe some judo stuff comes into it and he tries to pin me on the floor but I fight him. Eventually he overpowers me so I can’t even move and he just holds me there. Stuck under him. He starts teasing me. Tickling me all over, which is torture because I can’t escape. Then after he’s had his fun he kisses me and cue any s*x scene from True Blood and I’ll be happy.”

    “Have s*x in a forest, in the middle of a field, on a secluded riverbank, skinny dipping. Standard outdoors sexy stuff.”

    “I like oil. Like, body oil, quite a bit. I wanted to slather my girlfriend in it [oil] and well, make sweet love to her. She accepted, saying it would be interesting. I bought the oil. I came home one day, and the living room of our apartment was covered in a tarp. Greatest hour and a half of my life.”
    “I used to work at a movie theater, and always fantasized about a manager or security guard forcing me into the janitor closet and having their way with me. Forcing me into the locked room, pushing me up against a wall, holding me down and not letting me struggle. Not the most romantic of places, but the idea of being dominated by someone with authority over me in a public place really gets me going.”
    “I’m at a hotel with a nightclub with my husband, dressed up, drinking, and dancing. Teasing each other a bit on the dance floor until we decide we have to have each other and head to our room. We have to take the elevator up many floors and we start making out in the elevator. He whispers in my ear all of the dirty things he wants to do to me when we get to the room, and I practically c*m right there in the elevator. We reach our floor and race to our room, barely refraining from ripping each other’s clothes off in the hall, then we f**k like animals until we[‘ve done] every one of those dirty things he whispered in my ear

    “I don’t necessarily want to be dominated, I want to be on all fours while my mate ‘inspects’ me. Spreading, poking, investigating every crevasse of my body. Inserting things, vibrating when I’m not expecting it. Being tied up would be a nice touch, I guess, but I’ve never imagined it that way. I am now…”

    “I’d like my hands tied together and bound to the bed, and have my S.O. tease me and do whatever he wants. However, there’s a very specific way I’d like to be bound. A bed with rungs in the headboard so my hands are both together and above my head are a huge part of this for me. My current bed has no headboard; it’s really unfortunate in relation to my fantasy. The straps that are under the mattress strap my hands down at either side; it just doesn’t do it for me.”

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