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    Danny Rose is wrong: Spurs pay ratio sits between Man United & Arsenal

    Danny Rose & Tottenham

    The fallout from Danny Rose’s explosive interview with the Sun last week has continued into the weekend.

    For anyone who missed it, Rose, the Tottenham left-back, last week suggested he’s ready to leave Spurs.

    The England international voiced his opinion that Spurs are inferior to to likes of Chelsea and Man United.

    While he also revealed he was homesick, Rose made it clear he plans to leave Spurs at some point to play for a team “up north”.

    Rose also made it clear he feels that Spurs players aren’t paid enough, especially when compared to other Premier League clubs in the top six.

    The facts

    But is Rose right in his assertion about salaries at Tottenham?

    Nick Harris has put together the facts this weekend, and he’s suggested that Rose is wrong when it comes to finances.

    The first point to note is that only 11 clubs in world football pay better than Spurs. In England, those clubs are Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

    But when it comes to that radio of how much Spurs pay in wages compared to income, it’s hard to argue that Tottenham isn’t a well-run business.

    50% of Spurs’s income is spent on wages, compared to 47% for Man United, Man City are also 50% while Arsenal are 56%.

    It’s also worth noting that, according to reports, Rose earns £40,000 a week at Spurs.

    Nick Harris has claimed that his Tottenham’s spending was on par with Arsenal, the left-back’s wages would go up to almost £73,000 a week.

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