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    Chelsea fans love John Terry’s reply to Cesc Fabregas-Daniella Semaan picture

    Cesc Fabregas posts Instagram picture with Daniella Semaan

    Chelsea fans were already enjoying a Cesc Fabregas picture on Instagram long before John Terry got involved.

    The picture from Fabregas featured the Chelsea midfielder and the mother of his children Daniella Semaan.

    The Fabregas family have been on holiday in recent weeks with Leo Messi and Luis Suarez in Ibiza.

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    John Terry Trolls Cesc Fabregas

    There is much to both admire and poke fun at in the Fabregas picture, as many of the comments on Instagram prove.

    Former Chelsea captain John Terry was one of the first to poke fun at the expense of Fabregas.

    Terry wrote: “Great picture… not sure about the shorts”.

    Fabregas replied “hahaha tomorrow your’e on!”

    John Terry & Thomas Royall

    Many Blues supporters enjoyed the Trolling from John Terry.

    In truth, it appears that Terry was not being so clever or smart, but simply promoting a clothing company he is an investor in.

    Terry often plugs Thomas Royall on Instagram and Instagram Stories, particularly of late when he has been on holiday in Portugal.

    Fabregas expected at Messi’s wedding

    Cesc Fabregas is expected to be at Leo Messi’s wedding at the end of June.

    The Spanish midfielder will return to training with Chelsea at the start of July. The Blues play their first pre-season friendly against Arsenal on July 22, 2017 in the Beijing National Stadium.

    Terry currently remains without a club but is strongly tipped to join Birmingham before the start of the 2017/2018 season.

    Aston Villa have also been linked with the Chelsea legend after Terry played golf in Portugal with their manager Steve Bruce.

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    The Cesc Fabregas-Daniella Semaan picture

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    John Terry’s comment on Cesc Fabregas picture

    John Terry Trolls Cesc Fabregas

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