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    Check out the first trio of HTC U promotional videos

    HTC concluded its event a few minutes ago and the result is a duo of new devices - the flagship HTC U Ultra and the mid-range HTC U Play. The handsets come with a fair bit of controversy in terms of specs, but we won't get into that now.

    While the engineering team might find itself under some heat in the coming weeks, HTC's marketing division is definitely doing something right. The new smartphones come with a rather clever "Brilliant U" marketing campaign. A trio of videos is already up on YouTube, all of them with stunning visuals.

    The two showcase videos for the HTC U Play and U Ultra feature many closeup shots of the design with rather soothing shots of various spills and ripple effects.

    Then, there is the general "Brilliant U" video, which took a page straight out the "People are awesome" video handbook. It certainly makes for a very satisfying watch.

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