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    Bulldozer Stops Suicide Car Bomb In Mosul

    Footage uploaded to a social media website on Wednesday purports to show a bulldozer stopping a suicide car bomb in the west of Mosul in northern Iraq.

    The driver of the bulldozer, understood to be a soldier with the Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), part of the Iraqi Army, is seen congratulated by his fellow soldiers for his bravery in the video.

    “He came out from the side road. He did not know which way to go. We came face to face. He tried running away from my side. So I blocked him and he blew himself up,” the driver said after the incident.

    He said he would rather sacrifice himself than to allow the suicide car bomb get to his people and blow them up.

    The incident is said to have taken place in the al Refai neighbourhood in western Mosul, which has been the scene of intense fighting between the coalition forces and Islamic State.

    Hundreds of thousands of civilians are still trapped in western Mosul, where Iraqi forces are making slow progress against Islamic State in what is a labyrinth of narrow streets.

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