Please Wait.... wants to be the biggest marketplace for venues and event centers bookings in Nigeria

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Close wants to be the biggest marketplace for venues and event centers bookings in Nigeria website


    Nigeria based startup launched November 2015 providing people who want to rent or rent out spaces for events like parties and conferences with an easy-to-use platform from which to do so. is a trusted community market place for people and space owners to list, discover and book unique halls and  venues online in Nigeria.

    According to Co-Founder/ CEO Adekunle Owoeye ''We are building a powerful platform trusted worldwide by millions of users for online booking of their desired event centres/ halls. Whether you need a hall for a wedding or corporate event, connects people to unique experiences, at any price point across Lagos and potentially Nigeria.'  wants to eventually control the entire events funnel from catering to invitations. Well that’s one way to corner a market “The venue is the “tip of the spear” of events,” You need the venue before you can start thinking about any other parts of your event. Once we help the consumer with the venue, it opens up access to other events services like catering, event planners, decorations etc team spends considerable time vetting each venue and seeking out worthy properties before enlisting them , thus all the venues on our platform are 100% verified. Within three months of launch about 1000 venues in Lagos are already listed on our website with launches in the rest of the country imminent. We have partnered with Luxuriant venues like Civic centre, The incubator, Harbour point, Landmark centre etc. (People can still post venues free of charge on our website).

    There are a lot of fragmented, local directories for specialized events, like weddings, decorations,  but we have not come across single marketplace that supports many types of events and allows individuals to list their own venues, that's the void we have come to fill.

    ''We not only create access to these venues, but a platform where venue seekers can book online, simply and easily.” Owoeye says.




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