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    Antonio Conte told he’s creating ‘unnecessary problems’ at Chelsea

    Big issues

    Chelsea boss Antonio Conte was on cloud nine at the end of the season, after winning the title in his first year in England – and seeing off the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Arsene Wenger and of course Jose Mourinho to boot.

    However, now it seems not all is rosy in the Chelsea camp, and the side saw their opening game descend into a nightmare, losing 3-2 to Burnley, and seeing Cesc Fabregas and Gary Cahill sent off – in addition to all the injuries the side have – meaning Conte will be hard pressed to field a strong side against Tottenham Hotspur in the following game.

    After the game, as you might imagine, the fans and press were ready to lay into the manager.

    The Telegraph’s Paul Hayward was speaking on Sky Sport’s Sunday Supplement, and said: “I think Chelsea have got good reason to feel aggrieved with the way Conte is carrying on.

    “This grumbling began at the end of last season, and it picked up momentum from the minute they won the title.

    “This message went around that Conte felt he didn’t have enough players to compete on two fronts the following season, that’s standard fare for a manager, pushing early to get bodies in.

    “But it has continued unabated. When you look at the players they’ve bought, they’ve done reasonably well in the transfer window. Bakayoko is a very dynamic central midfield player, a potential upgrade on Nemanja Matic I believe. Morata is a perfectly good A-list centre forward, they’ve bought a good centre-back in Antonio Rudiger.

    “But Conte has appeared relentlessly unsettled or unhappy. Everyone knows that with the Chelsea manager, the owner and the people around him like to play the transfer game, like a bit of a hobby, almost like a poker game that they all enjoy.

    “Conte knew that, but he also knows they won the title and had an extremely good season and had built something to progress from, and yet he seems to want to destabilise everything.”


    Favourite for the sack

    It seems the situation is so bad at Chelsea, Conte is now favourite for the sack in the bookie’s eyes – although it should be noted the same was the case following early losses to Liverpool and Arsenal last season.

    Chelsea managers are never in the most secure job in the world, and many have been sacked after success, with Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti all too aware of that, but Conte will at least expect to hold on until the end of the season and be given a chance to impress in Europe – and hopefully bring in more players as well to bolster his squad.

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