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    Answer These Questions Honestly and We Will Tell You If That Man Is Attracted To You/If Your Man Is STILL Attracted To You!

    Is he Attracted?

    That is the ultimate question.

    Is the man you like attracted to you or is your man still attracted to you?

    Sometimes as women, we miss some basic signs that men are giving us. Well you shouldn’t.

    A man that finds you attractive will show it in the smallest ways- whether or not he actually comes out and says it.

    Take this Quiz below and have a clue as to where you stand!



    23-25: Totally attracted to you girl. An electric pole couldnt keep him away

    13-23: He seems into you but he may be a little shy/reserved. Don’t hold it against him. Give him a few more dates to loosen up.

    10-13: I’ll be honest, he just doesn’t seem that into you. Something you can try is stepping back. Stop trying to be with him and see if he chases then. If he doesn’t, move on.


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