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    Angola: SIAC Makes Administrative Sectors Less Bureaucratic

    Luanda — The Integrated Citizen Assistance Service (SIAC) has helped the public and private administrative sectors reduce their bureaucracy over the last ten years, by ensuring environmental conditions and standardized services.

    To this purpose, SIAC has been seeking to become a high standard public institution capable to provide quality public and private services to economic and social agents.

    To achieve this goal, the institution bets on innovation of the services and procedures of assistance.

    Among its performance, SIAC intends to focus on the relationship between the user and customer, seeking their full satisfaction.

    It also wants to create and keep a close relationship with the citizens, practicing and promoting legality, probity, loyalty, impartiality, transparency, responsibility and courtesy.

    The institutions also pledges to stick to professional competence, promoting innovation and modernisation of services of information and technologies.

    Anselmo Monteiro, head of the institution, told the press that the social responsibility of SIAC has allowed leading initiatives focused on the participation of employees in actions to support the organisations that promote well-being in terms of civil society.

    According to him, the creation of SIAC network has enabled the availability of the one-stop shop of access to information and services.

    With 12 units, SIAC has currently 1,212 employees, mostly youths. In 2012-2017 the institution inaugurated five units in four provinces, accounted for 42 percent of the installed units.

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