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    Alexis Sanchez’s girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez on being bored v Leicester

    Alexis Sanchez & Arsenal

    Amid all the talk about new contracts and leaving Arsenal over the summer, Alexis Sanchez has been focusing on his private life.

    A month ago, the Arsenal star posted a handful of social media updates from his vacation, revealing he’s spending time with well-known Chilean actress Mayte Rodriguez.

    On Friday night, as Arsenal kicked off the new EPL season against Leicester, Sanchez and his girlfriend watched on in the stands.

    The TV cameras pointed on the couple as they looked rather glum during the game.

    Was she bored?

    A website called Report Chile has since spoken to the actress about those images.

    Many claimed that Mayte Rodriguez revealed her true feelings about football at the game.

    But she denies that whole heartedly. She told the South American website:

    I was not bored, you can not feel that in one of the prettiest stadiums there is.

    It was due to trailing 2-1, but in the end we won!

    Mayte Rodriguez also posted some social media updates from the game on Instagram.

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