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    A Buick Regal wagon is coming to America

    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
    • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

    The signs have all been pointing to the US getting a Buick version of the gorgeous Opel Insignia wagon, and we now have the most concrete evidence yet that the rumors were true. Our spy photographer caught one of the wagons out testing, and it features a number of styling cues that indicate this one is coming to America. The most obvious change is the grille. While the overall shape remains the same, the look of the grille itself is altered. The geometric slats of the Opel- and Holden-badged versions have been exchanged for Buick's trademark waterfall bars. The badge itself is significantly larger, too.

    Aside from that, a close look reveals subtle changes along the lower edge of the car. The fenders seem to be slightly flared. They're complemented by sideskirts that are rounder and chunkier than that of the normal Insignia wagon. These styling touches also suggest that this Buick variant will take on the psuedo-crossover aesthetic with black plastic body cladding.

    If this is the case, the Buick Regal wagon could be the high-riding, plastic-clad Regal TourX that's been rumored. We know that General Motors trademarked the TourX name a while back, and Buick wants more crossovers or crossover-esque vehicles since they make up the majority of the brand's sales. It would also be an excellent option to established models such as the Audi A4 Allroad, Volvo V60 Cross Country, and Subaru Outback. Considering the fact that we've seen the Opel Insignia and Holden Commodore revealed already, we expect the Buick versions to be fully revealed sometime this year.

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