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    6 Benefits of Failure!


    Happy 2017 people! It’s the first week of the year and definitely the right time to start putting those plans to actions! With positivity, consistency, hard work and prayers,  anything is possible!

    I never thought I could be in a position to write about the benefits of failure. Growing up I never failed at anything and I often boasted about it. It made me think maybe I never wanted the wrong things or I was just simply lucky, but 2016 was the first time I experienced failure and loss.To be completely honest, it was overwhelming.

    But truth is, you cannot achieve success without failure; it is there to wake you up.

     Let me then share with you some six benefits of failure:



    This is one of the major benefits of failure, the fact that you’ve emerged stronger from a setback is a feeling that you’re much more confident to do that which you’ve set out to do!



    Failure helps one to be more in tune with you! You realize you posses some qualities which you never thought you had. You build up more good qualities and tend to grow! You gain from your losses as much as you do from your wins. Do not allow yourself to be completely thrown off by your losses, because you know that your life is much bigger than that experience.



    Someone once said you never know the strength you possess unless it has been tested by adversities! We really are stronger more than we think we are. Sometimes, when life comes knocking at your feet, all you can do is to stay strong. You become fearless and take calculated risks, since you’re stronger than before, this tends to build up your consistency and overtime you start to succeed!


    The growth that comes after failure is just inevitable. You just hold still and tend to analyze the situation. What could you have done better? The lessons you learnt from such experience builds up your maturity, you then ask yourself what the next right move is? Because you’re more mature than before, you tend to make smart choices, and success is just waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.  



    Because you’ve known how it feels to fail, you become more thankful for the little wins you have. Failure is just a pointer, cutting away of the unnecessary and keeping you more focused. It takes a mature mind to be thankful for your losses.


    I want you to make a decision right now that when you fail and fall to your knees, you should remember the power of YOU and get back on your feet! You are your own Light! So shine forth without apology!

    Cheers to infinite possibilities!

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