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    16 Gorgeous Wedding Nails Art Perfect For The Big Day!

    So, it’s your wedding day and you have planned everything to be perfect/memorable including your wedding dress, shoe, venue, decor, cake,  food, drinks and others. However, how about your wedding nails? As the special guest of honour at your wedding, your wedding nails are also part of the side attraction. If you did not already know this, now you do. As the centre of attention, your wedding guests notice everything on you – from your wedding hair, makeup, nails all the way to your feet i.e. what type of shoes are you wearing?

    Around the world, not just at Nigerian weddings, the nails have also become an integral part of the wedding day conversation. This includes the bride, her bridal party, and weddings guests also consider the wedding theme while beautifying their nails for a wedding. The designs are usually very attractive, stylish and fun.

    ijaniIn other words, whatsoever the theme for your wedding is, do consider it in your wedding nail art. Also, don’t just do your fingernails, remember your feet too for uniformity. Below you will find various gorgeous wedding nails art. Some are classic,  while others are trendy/modern. Your choice all depends on what kind of Nigerian bride or wedding guests you are. O ye, don’t forget to gem and glitter it up to your preference. Just aim to stand out.

    See Wedding Nails Inspiration Below


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